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Get a daily snapshot of your team's support efforts and celebrate the heroes! Organize any support channel especially with remote and hybrid teams.

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Keep a pulse on your services

Slack channels can often feel like Twitter -- fast and difficult to keep up with. Ackly provides a daily summary of the activity happening in your team channels including how many questions were asked, answered and unanswered.



Acknowledge the everyday heroes

Doesn't it feel good to be recognized for your contributions? Ackly gives shoutouts to the individuals who supported your services in large and small ways. A simple act that will continue to lift your team's morale.



Create friendly competition

Ackly's leaderboard will ignite your team's competitive spirit and boost productivity. It doesn't matter if the prize is a tangible reward or just bragging rights, the leaderboard is a fun and motivating tool.



Deep link to the day's action items

As part of the daily summary, Ackly will provide links to the most recent unanswered questions and questions that the team would like to add to the knowledge base. No need to aimlessly scroll back through your channel.


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Designed to match
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Add to Slack

Add Ackly to a public Slack channel where you provide support to your customers.

Use Threads

Threads keep your channel organized and they enable Ackly to properly track activity.

Reply with Reactions

Slack reactions or emojis are fun, fast, and familiar. Use them to respond to customer questions.

Create Reports

Schedule automated reports at a cadence that works for your team or request them manually.


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Unlimited Question Tracking
Daily Summary
Weekly Leaderboard
Custom Reactions
Cross-Channel Posting
Analytics Dashboard
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Unlimited Question Tracking
Daily Summary
Weekly Leaderboard
Custom Reactions
Cross-Channel Posting
Analytics Dashboard


Let's answer some questions.

How does Ackly work?

Ackly is trained to look for questions in your Slack channel as well as reactions (emojis) that a question has been acknowledged and answered. At the end of each day, Ackly sends an automated Slack message with a summary of the number of questions asked, unanswered questions and answered questions.

Is Ackly customizable?

Yes! There are three components that can be customized based on your team needs.

Acknowledgement emoji: choose the emoji your team uses to acknowledge a question.
Answered emoji: choose the emoji your team uses to confirm the resolution of a question.
Daily celebration time: set the time you want Ackly to message the summary details.

- To customize the emoji, please reach out to us at our contact address below.
- To customize the celebration time, just update your /remind Ackly Daily Summary time.

How does the leaderboard work?

The leaderboard tracks the number of questions answered by each team member on an ongoing basis. An automated Slack message with the leaderboard (up to 3 people) can be shared at the end of the week - just add a reminder that posts it with: /remind #ask-growth-team "Ackly Weekly Summary" Fridays at 5pm

How does Ackly's pricing plan work?

Our pricing model is based on the number of people or customers your engineering team supports. We define a person as someone who asks a question that is then ack'd/answered.

Ackly is free for up to 10 people. If you have more than 10 people, you can begin your 30-day free trial today. We'll let you know when your trial expires. If you wish to continue using Ackly after your trial, it's $99 per month for up to 20 people. For more than 20 people, let's talk! See above for onboarding information.

Do you offer free usage for open source and non-profits?

Yes! Please get in touch at our email address below and we can discuss next steps.